Friday, May 19, 2017

A Day At The Park- Branson, MO

It's FINALLY summer break! I've spent the last 3 years working 50+ hours a week and unfortunately spending very little time doing fun things like this with my daughter. Now that's it's summer I'm soaking up every fun activity that we can! Here are some photos from our day at the park. 

This was our first real day of summer break. We took a walk, hit the park, played in the dirt, threw rocks in the lake, and even used the sidewalk chalk on the patio. It was pretty glorious in my eyes and I'm pretty sure she felt the same way. 

As Mama's we hold their little hands and play with their little toes but when do we think about having our family photographer capture those little details? Those are the specifics that they grow out of and we don't get those moments back. Take pictures while you can 'folks!

It's the small moments, the tiny memories, the moments that we think aren't any big deal that will someday be a huge deal to us. To have memories so simple is something I cherish more than anything in this world.

(PS I'm sorry for the overload but I'm addicted to that
 cute little messy bun! She didn't used to ever let me put it 
up that way and now that she does I swear I snap 100 
pictures of it every time.)

But really, have you ever thought to hire a photographer for the simple day to day stuff? I promise you won't regret it. Call me! And don't forget to mention this blog for a discount on your lifestyle session.

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